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The Cannerald / CannerGrow products from the shop can currently only be delivered to customers in Switzerland! We are looking forward to the big Cannerald EU-Shop, which will go online soon. There is an extensive range of cannabis lifestyle products in the highest organic quality available for everyone.

 The launch of the EU shop is on February 20th, 2021 - with more exciting CBD products and merchandising articles! From February 20th, the shop will be open to all customers in the EU. 

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CBD Cannabis Flowers

Quality at the highest level! The premium CBD flowers from the Cannerald / CannerGrow shop are lovingly raised and hand-selected in the state-of-the-art facility near Bern. So you can be sure that you only get the best buds. And one more thing is certain: No artificial pesticides, herbicides or fungicides are used for all flowers from the cultivation of Cannerald / CannerGrow. All fertilizers used are of natural origin - i.e. 100% organic.

Cannerald / CannerRec

CBD Pre-Rolls

The Cannerald / CannerGrow Pre-Rolls contain the same flowers that are sent from the shop in the flower ranges. They therefore also offer you a completely new and even more intense CBD experience. The good news: Of course, 100% premium flowers are also used in the pre-rolls, so that the high quality standard is guaranteed up to the last pull!

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Do you want to do something good for yourself and take CBD daily? Cannerald / CannerGrow makes it easy for you - with the delicious, fruity CBD gummies from the shop! Because as always, Cannerald / CannerGrow puts everything on one card, even with the delicious, juicy CBD gummy bears. In the usual quality, the gummies ensure a real taste explosion in your mouth.

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CBD Cannabis Oil 

In the Cannerald / CannerGrow shop you will find gently processed CBD oils that contain all natural components that promote relaxation and support your inner balance. These include valuable phytocannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes.